Personal Protection Classes are a must if you own a firearm and plan to make use of it correctly when/if the situation presents itself. Our instructors have the experience and patience to work with you today no matter what skill level you might be. They will help to cultivate you to the shooter you can be tomorrow.

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THE INSTRUCTOR: Donna Vandermolen - Women's class
I am an ex-police officer with a BA in Criminal Justice. I am a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), of Second Amendment Sisters, and of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). I am a certified NRA “Pistol” and “Personal Defense in the Home” instructor. I am a certified NRA and IDPA Safety Officer. I am an IDPA Five Gun Expert and 3 time TX and LA State woman’s IDPA champion. I have graduated from Langdon Tactical Training and am a multiple graduate of Thunder Ranch. I am a Second Amendment advocate and a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) holder. I have founded two other Houston area women’s pistol programs. It is my personal goal to empower as many women as possible through the use of the handgun as personal protection.

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THE INSTRUCTOR: Steve Vandermolen - Men's class
Steve Vandermolen has over 30 years of shooting experience. He is a certified NRA pistol instructor, personal protection trainer and range safety officer. Steve is a master level competitive shooter who has won numerous local, regional, state, and national championships. He is a co-founder of Thunder Tactical Shooters and remains active in the organization. He brings a unique combination of skills and competencies to this interesting and fast-paced class.

defensive shooting

Standing and shooting stationary targets at known distances is useful to develop basic shooting skills but does little to develop the skills needed in a defensive situation. In a defensive situation it is likely that both the target and the shooter will be moving, the shooter will be presenting the gun from concealment and the distances involved cannot be predicted. Accurate shots must be placed in a short timeframe. A defensive shooting will occur in a dynamic environment and defensive pistol skill development must take into consideration the variables involved in a defensive shooting.

Thunder Shooters Club provides shooters the opportunity to learn a skill, practice it in a supervised class, and develop it through coached practice sessions. Thunder Shooters Club will provide the perfect environment to learn and develop their defensive shooting skills.